Weekly Unschool Post 1

So I’m trying my hand at blogging weekly about our unschool school experiences; as opposed to monthly. Last week, we did much of our routine; which includes the following:

  • Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Singing the Star Spangled Banner
  • Declaring Psalm 91
  • Our School Declaration
  • Reciting The Lord’s Prayer
  • Praying
  • Reading the Bible (we’re wrapping up 2 Samuel)
  • Working on individual assignments
  • Outdoor Play

That is the most formal part of our day. The kids spend most of the day, doing the things that interest them. The boys are still really into building forts, building with their legos, magnatiles, blocks, lincoln logs, megablocks, cardboard and whatever else. When they work in their workbooks, they get to choose what it is that they’d like to work on for the day. They also have a list of sight and vocabulary words that they learn each week. We do this because it tends to help with their reading; which they get to select…kind of. I put the books out that I know that will interest and challenge them; and they get to choose which book(s) from that selection.

So last week, my husband decided to get the boys more involved in business; so he wrote them each $10k promissory notes; so that they could purchase an investment property. The boys have been going online every day, looking for a property. He also took them to meet an attorney, accountant and banker; as well as to a closing on a property that we had just purchased. I’ll link the video of how he prepped them for the meetings; once they are posted on Monday and Tuesday.

Our school is mostly informal; so I’m always paying attention to teachable moments and recording conversations; because so many times, it shows their interest and growth. I caught a moment at the dining room table; when we reviewed etiquette. I’ll link that video as well, as soon as it’s uploaded.

So that was our week. Grandma and Papa Jim came over; as well as bonus Grandpa Lewis. According to the kids, those were the best days ever! How’s your homeschool going?


Blog Update

Hello Everyone!

I trust all is well! I’ve been praying and thinking about the direction of this blog; and have shifted focus just a little. In the past, I’ve posted primarily about fitness and wellness, homeschool/unschool, as well as faith. I will continue to post about fitness and wellness on both of my Good Thing Fitness blog and YouTube channel. Please do subscribe and share! This year, there will be more of a focus on faith, family/unschool and finances. I want YHWH/God to be at the center of everything that I do; because He alone is the source of every blessing in my life. I have faith in Him; because He pursued and fiercely loved me at the most difficult time in my life; and He has been faithful to His covenant with me. I have a family because of Him. When it looked like I would never have children, He proved otherwise. I am financially blessed, because of the principles of His word; and because He honored (and still is honoring) by desire to be a kingdom philanthropist.

So as this year gets underway, I speak a blessing over all of you, from Deuteronomy 30:8 & 9:

May you obey the Lord and follow after Him; and He make you most prosperous in all the work of your hands. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


November Unschooling Adventures


 November was filled with lots of activity. We went through our clothes and shoes; and donated our best things to the church near our home. The boys helped papa put together their new beds.The kids also came along to vote. They learned about the constitution, including their first, second and fourth amendment rights. Our awesome neighbor (Ms. Mare) had the kids over and made S’mores with them. It was a real treat! They also went to work with papa. I love hearing my seven year old comment about various properties; especially about what can be done to improve the property.  We read through the second book of Samuel; as well as some of 1 Kings. The interesting thing that my eight year old noted was that David’s one decision affected not only him, but his children as well. This lead to a great discussion on the ramifications of our choices. 

The kids watched a ton of Superbook this month…..the stories of Daniel, Esther and Jonah in particular. They also watched Berenstain Bears, Wild Kratts, Blippi & Peppa Pig. They played Uno, Monopoly, Candy Land, Connect 4 and Tic, Tac, Toe. They built Rube Goldberg machines (some unsuccessfully) that opened books, turned off the light and rolled a marble off the table. They learned about photosynthesis and matter; due to my son’s curiosity. We also went over counting (the 3 year old), addition, multiplication, fractions, place value, phonics, & word recognition. We did all of this without completing ANY worksheets during the entire month. We added singing the Star-Spangled Banner to our daily routine, right after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. l do think it’s important to teach my kids appreciation for our country. We’re still spending time outdoors, even though it’s a bit chillier. We go to different parks, exploring in the woods or just through the neighborhood. 

I was on a mission to ensure that my boys would have NEAT handwriting. My boys’ handwriting is so neat and it  just delights my soul! It has been drilled into them that writing is a form of communication. Poor handwriting is a form of poor communication. If no one can read or understand what  you’ve written, then you’ve failed to effectively communicate. My kids have written letters and thank you notes to family, friends and neighbors; and I couldn’t be more pleased with the neatness and clarity of their letters. 

We wrapped up the month by spending Thanksgiving with family and friends. The kids enjoyed spending time with their favorite cousins; as well as zooming with relatives in other places. November was filled with so many learning opportunities; and we took advantage of as many as we could! You can check out our adventures here. What learning opportunities did your unschoolers/homeschoolers take advantage of during November?

From Homeschooling to God-Lead Unschooling/Life Learning


4 on a stomp

 I felt that YHWH/God was leading our family in another direction concerning homeschooling. I heard the words: “Wholistic learning.” I began to research  it and was lead to John 7:15b: The Jews were impressed, but puzzled: “How does he know so much without being schooled?” I had heard of unschooling before; but didn’t feel that it was for my family. This time, with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I learned of Christian unschooling and life learning. Check out my video here, as I explain my findings; as well as share some of the pictures from our experiences from the past few weeks.