A Quick Get-Away for Mom & Dad

My husband and I love being with our children. We take them nearly everywhere we go; however, there are times when we leave them with their grandparents. This past week was one of those times. We dropped them off on Thursday and then had such a fun date night! We went to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant that we had not visited before. We then spent a couple hours at an exclusive place; where there were only a handful of other members. We played old school music and danced until our hearts were content. It was such a blast! The next morning, we got up and flew out to Nantucket. We had just gotten our plane back after not having it for a few months; due it being upgraded. It was a bright and sunny day; however, it was COLD (10 degrees when we left; and 18 when we returned). The flight was smooth and beautiful. I’m often awed by how artistic God is. Being in the sky and looking down at the land and water is so beautiful and inspiring to me. I enjoyed looking at the snow-sprinkled mountains, the beautiful lakes and ocean; as well as the islands in MA and landscape. I will share some pictures below; but if you’re interested in seeing my vlog with the beautiful scenery, hop on over to the Excellent Woman YouTube channel; when I upload it later on this week. God bless you! Have an excellent week and I’ll see you again real soon!