Colossians 1:27 – God wanted to make known among the Gentiles the glorious wealth of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.


One of my Testimonies

Nearly 10 years ago, it seemed that my life was falling apart….like the rug had been snatched right out from underneath me. It was a very uncertain time in my life; and I was riddled with guilt, shame and condemnation. I was angry with God; and felt like He  did not uphold His end of the bargain. One day while I was walking across a parking lot, God spoke to me audibly. He said: “My grace is sufficient for you.” I kind of shrugged it off; because the words didn’t mean anything to  me at the time. After that, abnormal things starting happening. A couple of times, a $5 bill blew  right to me while walking outside. Every time I pumped gas, I would find a quarter on ground, in between the gas pump and my rear car door. I was continuously finding nickles and quarters. I wondered why this kept happening. Why did the number 5 and multiples of 5 KEEP showing up?

Well, I later found out what one author described as God kisses; or little reminders from God. The number 5 is the biblical number of grace; and God kept reminding me that His grace was indeed sufficient for me. I couldn’t receive it; because of the heavy yoke of guilt, shame and condemnation that I was under. During this time, I discovered an excellent teacher of grace. I consumed his biblically-based  teachings and writings. After about 4 months of studying the scriptures; along with the grace teacher’s teaching, it was as if someone had removed that yoke of guilt, shame and condemnation. The truth that freed me was that NOTHING I’ve ever done or will do, is a surprise to God. This is why Jesus died on the cross for me. He knew it; and He paid for it. I was able to forgive myself and God. I felt free and I could lift my head! Praise God!

Prior to my accepting God’s freely given grace; I had only known Him from a religious perspective. I had grown up going to church; and being a “good” girl. I accepted God into my life around the age of 12 or 13; and even got baptized. I didn’t get into trouble. I was nice to people. I didn’t do things to embarrass my family. I graduated from college, had a good job, went to church EVERY week and blah, blah, blah. None of that meant anything; because I did not have a true relationship with God. I did things of my own accord and strength. I later learned that I had to give control of my life over to God. Once I did that, my life began to change. I have learned so much about faith and trusting God; but one of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that God has a great plan for my life…. and for yours too (Jeremiah 29:11). These great plans that He has for us requires us to grow up spiritually. In order to possess our promised lands; we have to accept the identity that He’s given us. The Children of Israel failed to go into the promised land, because they saw themselves as grasshoppers. Psalm 82:6 says that we are gods and children of the Most High. A grasshopper is a long way from a god. It takes a god to take a promised land.

I made a quality decision to develop my relationship with God; and to serve Him for all of my days. I read & meditate the scriptures. I pray a lot more. I listen for His voice. I understand that I have a covenant with Him; and that His grace is indeed sufficient for me….that He loves, provides and protects me. I am His treasured possession and the apple of His eye. I want to encourage you if you’re dealing with shame, condemnation or guilt for anything you’ve ever done; or for anything that has happened to you, give it over to God. His grace is enough for whatever you’ve done. The enemy seeks to hold you hostage in that prison. Take a hold of God’s word; and discover your true identity in Him. The enemy knows that if he can keep you bound, you’ll never possess your promised lands. You are not a grasshopper, you are a god! Hallelujah!