8 Resources for Homeschooling

I’m Yonka and I have a multi-level homeschool (8,7,5 & 3). We’re more accurately God-Lead Unschoolers. I believe that God has placed gifts and talents in our kids, and He reveals it to us and through our children. My children have never attended a formal school; and we’ve been on this journey for five years. They’ve taken music, art and extra-curricular classes in various venues. We utilize the word of God, daily life experiences, our local library, museums, the Y, traveling experiences, and many other things to grow and learn holistically. I describe us as an unschooling family of six learning through daily experiences, whether on land, water or in the air.

I do have daily plans for my children. As a group, we pray, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem, declare Psalm 91, the Lord’s prayer, and our personal school declaration. We also read scripture, and other books together; as well as discuss what we read. We typically go outside for free play, and on a walk to explore. Some days we go to the park. The kids do their workbooks individually; as well as read and review their words. The kids have a number of choices. You can get a copy of my weekly planning sheet by clicking on the image below.

I plan each week; so I write the date above each day. I fill in the name of each of my children in the colored boxes across the top. I complete the group activities that we will do for each day; and then write/type their individual activities for each day of the week. You can print off multiple sheets and keep them in a binder for easy access. The kids can choose whatever it is that they’d like to work on; but I choose activities around their focus. For example, my oldest son is really into math; so he does math every day. I select sight and vocabulary words for his level; as well as place books out that will pique his interest for his individual reading each day. The formal part of school doesn’t take long….maybe three hours tops; and they are free to explore and do the things that are of interest to them. Right now my boys are online every day searching for an investment property. They’ve found a couple; so my husband will make an appointment for them to go and see the properties. They’ve already met with a banker, lawyer and accountant. When they find the right property, they will partner with my husband and purchase it. You can watch the short vids here and here, of my husband prepping them for their meetings.

Besides the planner being a helpful resource, we also use the following resources in our homeschool:

Bible for everything.

ABCya for various subject and grade level games.

Homeschool pop for a plethora of topics. Their goal is to make exciting videos for school age kids.

PragerU for politics, short history lessons and current & relevant topics.

Acts & Facts Science Journal from The Institute of Creation Research

Understanding the Biblical Mazzaroth is astronomy from a biblical perspective.

Brain Quest Workbooks for age/grade appropriate worksheets. My kids really enjoy these workbooks. The pages are fun and inviting, easy to navigate and easy to understand and explain.

Local places like the library, art museum, children’s museum, Y, science museum, state history museum, college, theater, grocery stores, post office, park, hiking trails, the lake, beach, marina, airport and every where our imaginations take us.

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this information helpful. God bless you and I’ll see you on the next post!


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