Declaration & Healthy Living Bit of the Week

Hi Everyone!

This week’s declaration is based on 1 Peter 5:6 -7: God cares for me and will lift me up in due time.

Have you ever tried bitter melon (aka bitter gourd) tea? It is NOT delicious. It is very bitter; but the taste came be made bearable by adding some honey to it. I’ve known about bitter melon and many of it’s benefits for a couple of years. I had a couple of close friends who dealt with diabetes consume it as a regular part of their diets. All four of them controlled their diabetes by taking bitter melon. I started drinking it just two weeks ago; when one of my sons got a cold. Not only is it beneficial for controlling diabetes, it’s also good for strengthening the immune system, dissolving kidney stones, lowering the bad cholesterol, and losing and maintaining weight among many other benefits. I’ve also noticed that it helps me to control cravings. So, if you’re looking for a more natural way to deal with any of the above ailments that I’ve mentioned, give this tea a try! I’ve actually adapted to the taste of it (with honey); and my kids actually like drinking it too.


As always, have an EXCELLENT rest of your week and I’ll see you around the blog.

Yours in Messiah,


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