January – A Month of Blessings

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God is so worthy of all of the praises, all the time! I just praise & thank Him for a fruitful start to this year! I thank Yeshua/Jesus for His faithfulness; and for the honor of being His daughter. As you read this post, it is my prayer that you are encouraged and inspired to believe God for both small and big things; as well  as trust beyond all shadows of doubt that He is faithful to His word. He doesn’t withhold any good thing from us (Psalm 84:11); and he delights in seeing us prosper (Psalm 35:27). The first couple days of the year started out with my children receiving some blessings. I am still so incredibly grateful with how God manifests Himself to them. My eldest son wanted four specific fruits on the first day of the year. As God would have it, the doorbell rang. My mom showed up with a bag filled with the exact four fruits that my son wanted; as well as a generous financial blessing, for an outing to the movies. The next day, my husband showed up with a brand new deep freezer. I was one happy lady!! We took our annual little staycation at our local indoor water park; and we all had a great time!

Every week, God’s abundant goodness has been manifesting in our lives. My family and I had been believing God for a 6-seat  airplane. As God always does, He gave us more than we asked for. Not only did we receive our airplane (it actually has 7 seats); He also gave us a new divinely appointed friendship; as a result of the transaction. That is a whole other testimony that needs it’s own post. I decided to go back to a plant-based diet, after being away from it for about 2 years; and I feel SOOOOO much better!

Aside from personal blessings, I’m deeply grateful to God for how He’s watching over the president; and is continuing to put things in order to prosper this nation. President Trump was the first president to give a speech at the March for Life rally. Despite all of the opposition that’s coming against him, he has continued to put things in order, to position our nation to prosper. I thank God that I have honored my commitment to keep our leaders and nation in prayer during the month of January; and will continue on. I’m truly encouraged by the prophecies that God has been speaking through His mouth pieces. The nation might look divided and out of sorts; but the people who are called by His name are humbling themselves, praying and seeking His face. Praise God! How has your January been? What are you trusting God for in February? Have an EXCELLENT rest of your weekend and I’ll be seeing you around the blog!

6 thoughts on “January – A Month of Blessings

  1. Dawn January 31, 2020 / 11:11 pm

    Your kids are so cute! God is good!! He delights in blessing His children. I start a new job Monday and I’m so blessed that God opened this door for me. Wow! An airplane? Nice! What brave person is the pilot in your family?


    • theexcellentwoman February 1, 2020 / 1:20 pm

      Thank you Dawn! Indeed He is and yes He does! CONGRATS on your new job!!! Praise God!!! I’m SO happy for you!! Lol!! ! My husband is the brave person. He’s a private pilot.

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      • Dawn February 1, 2020 / 7:35 pm

        You’re welcome and thank you!! I’m excited to start! Hats off to your husband! That’s admirable to be a pilot. God bless you and your family. Enjoy the plane. 😊

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  2. Jacquie A. Bradford February 1, 2020 / 1:50 am

    I love that God never withholds good from His people, and that we His people, are focusing on Him. Seeking Him in praise, prayer, and worship, for He alone is worthy. God bless you and your precious family ♥

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