Family Vacation!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Soooo, I’ve been absent for two weeks. My family and I took our annual Caribbean cruise. This time we cruised on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas; which is the largest ship in the world.


We all enjoyed it! We saw shows, ate at the best restaurants aboard the ship, listened to live music, danced, toured the islands and so much more.

IMG_3168 IMG_3199 IMG_3221 IMG_3262

IMG_3344  IMG_3339IMG_3114 IMG_3120

My children only attended Adventure Ocean (the kids’ program) for one hour on the third day. They enjoyed it; but they obviously preferred hanging out with their cool and fun parents.



The ship docked in St. Marteen, Puerto Rico and Cococay (Royal Caribbean’s Island) in the Bahamas. I always enjoy touring the islands, because I love learning about the history of each place. My other favorite thing to do is going to the fitness center. I peeped in on a few of the classes; but they didn’t look very interesting, so I opted to do my own workouts. I met a nice lady, who became my fitness partner while on the ship. We discovered that we were both from Miami, enjoy fitness and locked our hair; because we don’t like coming it. How cool is that?!!! We also discovered that she knew my uncle. This woman was more than just my workout partner, she was a Godsend. I usually travel with ginger, because it soothes the stomach. This time, I failed to bring some. I needed it because my stomach wasn’t feeling so hot after eating too many different types of foods. My son also needed it, because his stomach wasn’t feeling so well one night. After only our second day meeting to workout, my workout partner gifted me with a bottle of ginger and an array of health foods and supplements (without even knowing about my upset stomach that one night and that I’d left my ginger at home).  Only God knew; and He provided! I am thoroughly convinced that God does and will ALWAYS take care of me, no matter what! The highlight of my trip were the rainbows that I saw on two different islands. They always represent a wink from God  for me; and how faithful He is to His word.

IMG_3226 IMG_3173

As I stated earlier, my family and I enjoyed our cruise.

IMG_3149 IMG_3210 IMG_3309

The only thing that we didn’t love, was the departing procedure. If you have a stroller or more than one bag, you have to take the elevator. Most people had more than one bag; and there was a long line of people waiting to take the elevator. I could have only imagined that it would’ve taken hours to get the 7000 people off of the ship, doing it that way. It’s a good thing that we have God’s favor and are early birds! One of the employees help carry our bags down the escalator; so we were able to avoid the long wait for the elevator. Thank God!

We were grateful to have missed the snowstorm that hit our area while we were away; but really began thinking strongly about becoming snowbirds this season. It’s pretty miraculous how we change. When my husband and I first met, he said that he would never go on a cruise; while I said that I would never move back to FL. Fast forward to now, he loves going on cruises and I am actively searching for a winter residence in FL.  God really knows how to bring people into agreement. When we returned form the trip, my children kept saying that they want to go to FL for the whole winter; while my husband said to me that warm weather is only three hours away. My business coach would say that winter is a choice. This year I’m in agreement with all of them. I love mountains and lakes…..cross-country skiing and snowboarding; but I’m very partial to the ocean and warm weather.

My children want to go to Disney and NYC; while I want to go to Spain. We will be visiting these places in the not-so-distant future. Where are some places that you have gone; and would recommend to others? As always, have an EXCELLENT week and I’ll see you around the blog!




4 thoughts on “Family Vacation!!

  1. Dawn December 23, 2019 / 8:21 pm

    Great pictures! I’m glad you and your family enjoyed the vacation. I didn’t know you are from Miami. I just moved from there last month after living down there for 4 years while my daughter was in college (FIU). It was a nice experience for that season. You mentioned ginger for stomach issues, my south Florida coworkers always wanted ginger for their upset stomach lol.

    My daughter is in Spain for a year. She likes it so far. I’m not sure where I’d recommend to live but I’m happy now to be back in Virginia where things are so calm compared to the Miami area. I lived in Michigan for 11 years but that’s way too cold lol.


    • theexcellentwoman December 24, 2019 / 11:13 am

      Thanks Dawn! Yeah Miami is a bit too busy for me; and I DO NOT miss that traffic. I do miss the ocean though. Congrats to your daughter for graduating from FIU. Many of my family members graduated from there as well. I would LOVE to know about your daughter’s experience in Spain after she gets settled. My husband is from Michigan. He wants to be a snowbird for that very reason. My sisters and I visited Virginia Beach in the Spring a few years ago; and it was nice. How’s the weather there now? I’m sure it’s moderate and doesn’t get super cold, like here in Upstate NY.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dawn December 24, 2019 / 1:13 pm

        I definitely DO NOT miss that traffic either and feel blessed I never had any accidents! Thank you, her years in college flew by. She’s been in Spain since September. She said she likes it so far and that they are very social people. She has done quite a bit of sightseeing and recently climbed the rock of Gibraltar.

        Nice! He knows about that brutal cold then lol. I lived outside of Detroit in Shelby Township. I used to work in Virginia Beach but was born and raised in Portsmouth which is about 30 minutes away. I live in Chesapeake now, which is still about 30 minutes away from Va Beach.

        Today is 53 which is pretty mild. The winters here are not bad at all. It’s a refreshing change from the super humid Florida. Upstate NY! You guys are freezing, stay warm!

        Liked by 1 person

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