Called to Love

Life is nothing short of amazing to me. I remember during my high school and college basketball career, how much of a focus this sport was in my life. I could not ever imagine NOT playing. I also felt the same sentiments during my career as a fitness professional. I ate, slept & breathed fitness and most things health-related. I still very much enjoy playing and watching basketball; as well as working out most days of the week. However, these two things are no longer primary focuses in my life.

These days, I think more about God & how He thinks. I think about my husband & his life goals. I think about my vision for my children…..grandchildren and future generations. I think about what success means & looks like from God’s perspective. I think about my relatives. I think about the families and individuals in my neighborhood……..state and country. I think about the leadership & those in authority on every level….police officers, judges, mayors, senators, justices, president, etc… well as their families.

I think about people…..especially babies, children & older adults in other countries. I think about the homeless; as well as the ministries and organizations that help them. I think about domestic violence and sexual abuse victims. I think about the children from fatherless homes; as well as orphans. I think about the people in poor and drug-infested communities. I think about the people who have had bad experiences at religious establishments. I think about the families in strife-filled homes. I think about those children whose parents are on the brink of divorce. I think about both the religious & non-religious people who don’t know God.

I think about the people with broken hearts for various reasons; as well as the lonely & seemingly forgotten older adults. I think about perpetrators of violence and abuse. I think about “regular” people; as well as famous & wealthy people. I think about the depressed, lonely, sad, hurting, and mentally & physically diseased. I think about those who deeply sense that there is something more to life; but not exactly sure what. I think of those people who are filled with hate, anger & rage. I think of those women who so desperately want to have children; but have lost hope due to infertility. I think of those moms, who have suffered miscarriages.

I think of those who are so filled with pain, that cutting seems the only way to relieve it. I think of those who are living a lie, & desperately crave for truth to be revealed. I think of those with strained familial relationships. I think of those military families, whose loved one never made it back home. I think of those single parents, who are wondering how to make ends meet. I think of those who are struggling with their true identity.

I think of all of these people; & I’m overcome with love…..not the fleeting feeling & emotionally- based pseudo one. I’m talking about the one that covers all wrongs…..the dependable one that is patient, kind, selfless, forgiving, hopeful, trusting, supportive & loyal…..the one that says & demonstrates: “I find no fault with you.”

My focus in life has once again shifted. I eat, sleep & breathe how I can share this type of love, with all those who I think about. So yeah…..I still enjoy basketball & fitness; but these days they both take a backseat to my commitment & vision of loving people right where they are.

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