Expect the Miraculous!

Happy September beloveds!!! I’m expecting the miraculous this month; & I’m already off to a great start. On Saturday, I took my kids to Six Flags; since the library was closed. We watched a show, had lunch & rode some rides. On our way out of the park, I discovered that I didn’t have my wallet. Immediately, I went back to the place where I knew that I last had it. The staff had not seen it. I said aloud: “I refuse to fear.” I also prayed; & reminded myself that God knew exactly where my wallet was; & that I can not lose anything with Him. I then asked one of the employees where the Lost & Found was. She gave me instructions & I went. It turned out to be exactly where I discovered that didn’t have my wallet! In that very spot, I heard: “Where is your wallet?” I went inside & asked the employee had anyone turned in a hot pink coach wallet. She asked me my bar, looked at my license inside; & said, yes, this is yours.

As you can imagine, I was super delighted! As expected, NOTHING was missing from my wallet. Some might say luck; but I say GOD all day long!! I lost my wallet on four different occasions during my adult life; & it has come back to me with everything in in EVERY time. I mistakingly left it on my tray during my freshman year in college; & through it out in the cafeteria & didn’t even realize it. We’ll, my roommate came back to our room; & returned my wallet to me. Once, I left it at the Health Food store; & someone turned it in, to the police; who brought it to my office. The third time that I was separated from my wallet, someone again, turned it in to the police (in another town); who called me; & returned my wallet AGAIN! There was nothing missing. from it each time.

I was grateful (& still am) to God each time; but this time, it was so precious to me. It served as a reminder of God’s faithfulness; & how He had already orchestrated everything, before I even realized it was gone. I REALLY don’t understand how people live life without knowing or trusting God. This time was also special to me, because my kids got to observe everything; & I was able to share with them how God took care of my wallet the other three times. I am thoroughly convinced that I am my ABBA’s princess; & the details of my life matter to Him.

Once again, Happy September & expect the miraculous this month!

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