Just My thoughts……

I’ve often heard parents say that children don’t come with a manual; and that you have to figure it out as you go. Maybe that’s true for people who don’t have a relationship with God/YHWH; but that’s not the case for those of us who are in covenant with Him. As a matter of fact, not only is there a manual for how to raise children; but also for everything in life. This manual is none other than the bible. It is literally the most amazing book that I’ve ever read and continuously read. It is filled with promises; as well as wisdom for relationships, marriage, finances, parenting, entrepreneurship and employment and every area of life.

I fully reject the notion that the bible is not applicable to modern society. Many people in our society are confused, depressed, unstable, unsure, medicated and imprisoned in their minds. If people truly understood that this physical world, is controlled by the unseen…and that there are two kingdoms….one is the Kingdom of God/YHWH; while the other is the kingdom of darkness. If a person is not in relationship with God/YHWH, then guess what kingdom they’re being influenced by? One kingdom brings abundant life, love, joy, peace and the like; while the other’s hallmark is murder, theft and destruction….of a person’s mind, body, identity, peace, joy, relationships, etc.

I boldly proclaim that I am in a covenant relationship with the Most High God…the Creator of the Universe, the one who sent His son Yeshua/Jesus to die for my sins….the one who FIRST loved me. I LOVE God/YHWH. I love who He is to me. I love my identity in Him. I will follow Him all the days of my life. I will teach my children His ways and to consult with Him for everything. I will love unconditionally, because He is in me. I think it’s quite remarkable that God/YHWH Himself, is interested in us…in our lives. From reading the book and my interactions with Him, I can see how He absolutely loves all of creation. He is loving, forgiving, full of mercy and grace.

To understand God and to hear what He’s saying, it takes shutting out the world. Sometimes you have to disconnect from ALL electronic devices. Shut down the laptop, tablets, phones, tv, and radio. These are all voices that are influencing us unconsciously. I challenge anyone who is reading this to think about any personal issue; or any pressing issues in society. Ask God His thought on it. We all have to come to the realization that God is a God of order and governance. He has laws that govern both earth and heaven. These laws do not change based on our fickle emotions, feelings, and how we see things. Gravity is a law. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it; you will not change that law. Even if you woke up feeling like you could fly. If you transgress the law of gravity and decide to jump off the top of a mountain or even a building, you (or anyone who is observing you) will find out quickly how delusional you were. There is also the law of lift; which supersedes the law of gravity. This is why airplanes can fly. The law of lift doesn’t cancel the law of gravity; it’s just a higher law. This is the same way with natural or physical laws and spiritual laws. God’s word is the highest law that there is. If you make a decision that His word/law is the absolute authority in your life; and say what He says, instead of what you see with your physical eyes, your life will change for the better. This is walking by faith and not by sight. This is trusting that the God/YHWH who created the universe, knows much better than your mind and brain knows.

Well beloveds, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write….but here it is. Have a great rest of your week; and speak those things that you desire to see.