God – My Only Source

YHWH/God is good! My life is anything but ordinary. I’ve had some pretty cool things happen throughout my life; but nothing like in these past couple of years. It’s still mind-boggling to me that God…. The Most High…Creator of the Universe…. I AM…. talks to me. It’s just amazing! I’m a total God groupie, holy rolling, Jesus/Yeshua-freak! I totally dig God! He’s fascinating, loving, patient, persistent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, ALL THAT and then some! I can totally be doing something like washing dishes, showering, or even taking an exercise class, and God just says something to me. It can be a revelation, a next step or an answer to prayer. I remember I has asked God a question. Two years later, I was sitting at my dining room table one morning; and God asked did I want to know the answer to the question. Of course I responded, yes! He answered the question and gave me a vision. That TOTALLY was a revelation!

Another time, God told me to stop working. I was like: “That must be the devil!” So, I ignored it. He said it again later. I was like a two-year old throwing a temperature tantrum:  “Noooooo Father…….I’ve been working all of my adult life. I don’t want to have to depend on any one.” He said: ” You’ve been saying that I’m your only source.” I was like, yes that’s true…but that was quite the process for me. It took me nearly a year to let go of ALL of my employment. I was an independent contractor for a couple of different companies. I was an employee at a company; and I owned a small business. I began letting them go one by one. I was down to one last place of employment. My family and I attended a faith conference.  While there;  a couple of people (whom I’ve never even seen; much less met before) walked up to me and gave me money. I was like WOW!!!  Okay Father, I get it. You truly are my only source. So when I returned, I let go of that employment.

During that time, God showed up and showed OUT!!! I continued to receive money and other goods (unexpectedly) from various sources. One of the most miraculous experiences was when I needed a specific amount of money for a project that involved other people. The night before the event, I said a short prayer…. something like: Father, you know what I need. I trust you. I thought no more about it and went right to sleep. The next morning, I was making breakfast for the kids. The doorbell rang; and I was just going to ignore it, because I had so much to do. It rang again; and that familiar inner voice said: “Go answer the door.” I went and answered the door. A man appeared at my door and handed me an envelope with some bible verses written on front. I thanked him. When I opened the envelope…. you guessed it! It was the amount of money that I needed for the event that was planned for that day.

I hope this post encourages someone today. God is faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9). His word is true (Psalm 33:4); and truly He will take care of us (Philippians 4:19). Have an excellent week; and I declare blessings and favor upon your life!

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