The God of Victory!

I wrote the following poem as a result of the joy that I felt in my heart, regarding YHWH/God’s faithfulness; as well as for encouragement for myself and others who are believing God for the rich promises that He has made to us:


Oh I rejoice in You! I rejoice today!

Because You are the God (Elohim), Who does what You say!

You said, to decree a thing; and so shall it be, &

You’d contend with that; which contended with me.

I decreed that I’d receive, from you in three days;

to which You responded, You had inconceivable ways….

to provide for me, and remove all doubt….

that You were the God, Who would bring me out….

out from the oppression of bondage to debt;

and anything that caused me to toil and sweat.

You gave me a home, filled with good things;

which is the goodness that knowing you brings.

Not only was it grand; but you gave it debt-free;

because I boldly, made a decree.

Thank You YHWH-Jire