What is this blog about?

I am so delighted to be sharing this blog! I have developed such a heart for homemakers. I’ve been a homemaker for 3 years; and the thing that I’ve observed is that many of the wives and mothers feel undervalued by their husbands and society; and/or like homemaking is not enough. Prior to becoming a full-time homemaker, I have to admit that I didn’t fully grasp or appreciate the high calling of a homemaker.  It is a full-time ministry and a management position, wrapped up in one colossal responsibility. In the realm of education, there are 7 areas of Family and Consumer Science (formerly known as Home Economics) which includes the following:

  1. Cooking/Nutrition
  2. Child Development
  3. Education and Community Awareness
  4. Home Management & Design
  5. Sewing & Textiles
  6. Budgeting & Economics
  7. Health & Hygiene

Some of the above listed areas are so extensive, that they are their very own major. As  homemakers, we do them all. What’s not on the list is minister or spiritual leader; which is a whole other level of leadership. Mamas/Wives, if you’ve ever felt that you don’t do enough, please do me a favor and say: “LIES!!! No more Satan!!”  Also, if you feel that you’re failing as a wife and mom; make a commitment to get up 10 minutes earlier than your family members, and spend that time with God. It will make a world of difference; as well as shift you in the direction of perpetual success.

I named this blog after the Proverbs 31 woman. Depending on what translation you read, verse 10 refers to her as a virtuous, capable, worthy, competent, strong character, valiant, good and excellent woman/wife. She is also a very successful woman. She wakes up early. She’s a homemaker and businesswoman. She owns real estate. She homeschools her children with wisdom; and she’s joyful. If you’re reading this blog, I dare say that there is something deep within you that’s saying I am this woman….once you get past the surface level lies.

In the three years that I’ve been home with my family, I’ve had to make God my only source….not my husband, jobs/business or anyone else. I have learned firsthand; how truly trusting God, has catapulted me to a level that I could not have ever gotten to on my own. In my future blogs, I will write about when God told me to stop working; and completely rely on Him. It was a STRUGGLE. I’ll also tell y’all about nothing less than miraculous provision; as well as a story that I’m sure will absolutely blow your minds!

Again, I implore you to get up just 10 minutes earlier and spend that time with God; and to listen to His instruction throughout the day. It will take you to places that you’ve NEVER even imagined! I’ve linked a confession that you can begin decreeing over yourself entitled: “Victorious Confessions for the Virtuous Woman.”  Until next time, have an EXCELLENT day!!!!